Cave Workshop


Your own 3-day VIP script workshop.

After an intensive three days in “The Cave” with Karel, my project was optioned by a leading producer.
-Meg Shields, Winner Bill Warnock Award &
AWG Monty Miller Award Nominee
Discounts for industry and Story Series students.



Three days of intensive workshopping of the story before writing your first or next draft, based on an outline, treatment or current draft.

The resulting screenplay is reviewed and you receive notes for a rewrite or polish during a follow-up phone/Skype clinic of up to 3 hours.
The Cave offers a cost-effective, fast-tracked alternative to the more costly full Script Edit, which can take 6-12 months to complete.

Step 1: Send money & materials

As work will be required before the start of the workshop,  a downpayment of 25% of the fee must be made at the time of booking. You may use Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

By ‘materials’, I mean any relevant story-related documents you may have:

– logline
– synopsis
– treatment
– script
– development notes

Step 2: I review your materials

While I read the documents in your story pack, I take notes. You may have instructed me to look out for specific issues you would like to address. Or you may leave it to me to discover everything.
This step usually takes 10-15 days. It helps to have some time to mull over things before the start of …

Step 4: The Cave Workshop

During this intensive, 3-day face-to-face story and script clinic, we build a Plan for your next draft.
Depending on the stage of the project, we may spend more time on the story or on the script. If your screenplay is close to final – or even shooting, we may go through every scene in great detail.
It is expected that you will do some work in the evening to process the work of the day and prepare for the next day. How much you can handle, is entirely up to you.

Step 5: You rewrite, guided by the Plan

You rewrite the screenplay, or in case we worked on the outline/treatment, you will write the first draft. Because you now have a clear plan, this should not take you any longer than 6-8 leisurely weeks.

Step 6: I review your draft

I review the rewrite of your screenplay with you during a Skype call(*) of up to 3 hours (including a break for tea). You will receive a recording of the discussion for your reference. (**)

(*) Customers in the US without a Skype account can call in to (310) 928 1111.
Customers in Australia without Skype account can call in to (02) 6176 1222.
(**) The call recording is not a contractual item. No claims are accepted for failure to deliver.
That said, in five years and hundreds of calls, only one recording failed.


2 reviews for Cave Workshop

  1. Johanna Oppliger

    “The Cave” was really great. It showed me a new way of looking at scriptwriting, it gave me back the gusto I lost some time ago and I got a big step closer to my goal of creating an exceptional movie/thriller.

    -Johanna Oppliger, Screenwriter

  2. Meg Shields

    Karel Segers is the king of story structure, and the service he provides is exceptional. After an intensive three days in “The Cave” with Karel and following a rewrite, my project was optioned by a leading producer.

    -Meg Shields, Winner Bill Warnock Award & Monty Miller Nominee

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