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The Judges: Week 7

In 2011, each week 10 judges will review two short synopses from films that are currently in development. The objective is to all (that includes us judges) learn from the exercise. Please comment on our comments! photo credit: swanksalot If you have an opinion on any of these synopses or the feedback from the judges, … Read more

Video: William Goldman

Last week Jack Brislee made reference to William Goldman breaking the rules.
Today we have the legend himself talking about the result of his rules smashing: $400,000, or a record fee for a single screenplay. That was forty-two years ago.

Goldman famously said “Nobody Knows Anything” and although there is some truth in this, it is not immediately the most helpful advice to any budding screenwriters. He succeeded in breaking the rules but every day a large proportion of failures can be explained because of exactly that.

Ultimately it is your call. See what you do with it.


With thanks to Louise Lee Mei and Adrian Kok.

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Making Our Stories More Original.

I have protested that Australian films are often atrocious from a story point of view. And have, at times, received venomous looks for breaking ranks with the local tribal myth that these films are artistically ‘special’, or have some ‘unique voice’. by Steven Fernandez It’s about time we admit that local screenwriters need to lift … Read more