4 Questions For Writers [Make a difference]

Today, Seth Godin posted four “Simple Questions For Writers”. Godin usually blogs about marketing, business culture, and what he calls ‘art’ (doing your job as your ‘bliss’). He is a prolific writer himself, with many bestselling books. The ‘questions for writers’ in today’s post relates to any kind of writer, in fact he doesn’t even mention the … Read more

Wanted: Creative Inspiration [Babies Don’t Come From Babies]

About his creative inspiration, Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett once said “Babies don’t come from babies.” He meant that the greatest music doesn’t come from studying other great music. He is no longer influenced by predecessors or contemporaries. Instead, he reads. And he ‘listens’. “My main job is listening. If you’re improvising and you’re not listening, the next second that … Read more