Learn From My Mistakes

Recently a thought occurred to me. Two of the short films I produced each have the exact same story problem. I will explain it to you, so you have no excuse whatsoever to make this same mistake. Aerosol (2005) is the story of a factory worker who has to deal with an ant that is … Read more

The Serial Killer Hero

How should a writer handle a story in which the protagonist is a serial killer? It’s an interesting dilemma, isn’t it? Because every book tells you that your protagonist should be “empathetic” and/or “sympathetic,” right? The audience has to “connect” with him/her on some level, “feel” for the character, and hopefully “root” for that person … Read more

Best o/t Web 29 Aug

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:: Far from Hollywood? Some screenwriting advice.
:: Movies scenes + Cee-Lo’s Fuck You
:: The 101 Definitions of Sci-Fi
:: 5 Reasons why Scott Pilgrim tanked.
:: Twin Peaks revisited

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You Can’t Write This

You’re a writer, right? At least you’re in some way intrigued by the movie industry or else you wouldn’t be here. So, you’ve got imagination. Now, dig if you will this picture… EXT. TUMBLEDOWN HOUSE – DAY Two police cars scream into view, shattering the rural silence. FRONT STEPS / FRONT DOOR A small, elderly … Read more