Writing Yourself Out of a Hole

There’s an old story I’m tweaking slightly for our purposes that goes… by Danny Manus A screenwriter is walking down the street and falls into a deep hole and can’t get out. A Director comes by and the screenwriter yells, “Hey, I’ve fallen into this hole and I can’t get out. Can you help me?” … Read more

[Video]: Drama Showrunners Roundtable

‘I was talked out of a couple of deaths by the actors, believe it or not…’ Another Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Showrunner’s Roundtable! Gorgeously shot, a half-dozen of Hollywood’s most accomplished writers sit down for an electric, rapid-fire conversation about the trials and triumphs of TV writing, war stories and speculations on the future of TV. … Read more

Best of the Web 21 Sep

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Best of the Web 14 Sep

Story & Structure :: Unlikable Heroes and Genre Expectations :: Scriptnotes, Ep 160: A Screenwriter’s Guide to the End of the World Script Perfection :: Tips on Finding & Working with Your Screenwriting Soulmate :: Why We Identify with Mutants :: Photo: Alfred Hitchcock on Fear. Pitching & Selling :: Film Independent Selects 9 Projects … Read more

[Video]: Doing Exposition with Explosives


Have you found yourself faced with the dilemma of choosing between brutally dull exposition or confusing your audience by throwing them into the story in medias res (that is, without any context)? Take a trip back through the annals of time and film to The Road Warrior, and watch a detailed breakdown of the storytelling … Read more