The Biggest Mistakes I Encounter In Each Genre (1/2)

I was reading away last weekend, burning through script after script, each one in a different genre,

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Video: Michael Hauge on Pitching

Last week we linked to Michael Hauge’s lecture on High Concept.
Known for his “Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds,” while he was in Australia, Michael also did his pitching spiel. Here’s the 21 Mins summary of the “60 Secs” lecture.

This is not about how to approach a pitch meeting, but rather what to do when you have the producer, agent etc. on the phone, at a pitchfest or in a networking situation. It’s really about those rare, super short windows of opportunity you might have with someone in power.

Here’s Michael’s first tip:

“The first thing you have to avoid in that situation
is trying to tell your story. It’s the biggest mistake most writers or filmmakers make, when pitching their project.”

With thanks to Dana Skowrnowski and Adrian Kok.

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