The Micro Budget Movie – Ten Tips On Writing It

“Writing a low budget or Micro budget movie is a waste of time!” Over eleven years of screenwriting I have lost count of the number of times I have heard, and indeed said, that phrase. It’s the mantra of many an arrogant writer, myself included, thinking I am god’s gift to screenwriting. After all, I have read … Read more

[Video]: Craig Wright’s Rite of Writing Right

Craig Wright is another one of those insufferable creative polymaths, having written the screenplay for Hollywood’s latest gamble on the nostalgia dollar, Mr Peabody & Sherman – which has so far surprised everybody by performing quite well. He’s earned his chops over the last decade by writing, producing and directing on a number of successful … Read more

When Your Scene Focuses on What Isn’t Happening

Here’s a little-known secret about stories: they’re about what your characters do. Okay, so maybe it’s not so little known. I mean, duh, right? Your character does something and then he does something else—and, presto, you have a plot! And yet writers often end up spending a huge chunk of time describing what their characters … Read more

David Mamet on Exposition

Cinephilia and Beyond published a brilliant piece on David Mamet, where he rails against exposition. The article opens with James Foley’s director’s commentary on Glengarry Glen Ross, and it includes the full screenplay. I remember interviewing Foley at the time of the film’s first release. It struck me how Mamet was very much the elephant in the room … Read more