[Video]: Tarantino at Cannes

Video Post On The Story Department

Is making a Tarantino-esque film an act of homage or plagiarization? Is filmmaking harder today than it was ten years ago? Is film as we know it dead? At a Cannes 2014 panel, Quentin Tarantino offers a view from the top of the hill on the contemporary filmmaking landscape. If you liked this, check out … Read more

The Right and Wrong Way to Enter Contests!

The next couple of weeks impose some hefty deadlines for screenwriters. And every year, about 1-2 weeks from the deadlines of these big contests, I start getting tons of emails saying “I just finished my first draft. Can you get my script ready for Nicholls?” by Danny Manus This is the wrong way to enter … Read more

When Readers Don’t Know What Your Characters Are Talking About

A good story will always be a balance between providing readers necessary information—and keeping them curious by not giving them all the info. Nowhere is this more true than in dialogue. by K.M. Weiland Make no mistake. This is a tough wire on which to balance. Give readers too much juice, and they’ll not only … Read more

What Screenwriters Are Being Judged On

As a screenwriter, you’re being judged in three different categories. by Steve Kaire The first is your material. When you’re in a pitch session, it’s your ideas and stories which are going to make an impression on the listener. Ask yourself these questions: Is your story unique? Are you approaching it from a different angle … Read more