Scene Structure With Aaron And Gust

Yesterday I told you about where the master learned his craft. Today we’ll learn about scene structure from my favourite Sorkin scene. And you’ll be surprised, as you may have missed it. Sometimes I watch a movie and a week later I have forgotten everything, except for one single scene. Do you have that, too? Invariably, this happens more often … Read more

Aaron Sorkin Master Class: Do It! [not for the reason you think]

If I see the face of Aaron Sorkin one more time in my Facebook feed or in a newsletter, I’m going to punch my laptop. Okay, he is among the most interesting screenwriters alive. In fact, he wrote the one scene I study the most with students in my own screenwriting classes. In exactly three … Read more

Frozen: Girlie And Great

Disney’s Frozen is one of a few movies I had to see a couple of times before I got it. I am not a fan of musicals, didn’t care for its visual look, and found it too girlie. After all, Frozen has two young heroines and lots of lilac, lavendar and periwinkle. Given that it became the most successful animated … Read more