Best o/t Web 31 Jan 10

:: Structure learnable, character not, says Alexandra S. :: Sundance Film Festival Roundup. :: Peter Kim’s 3 Rules for Spec Writing. :: Play mind games to write everyday. :: How do we go about adapting reality? :: Letter to self: Networking. Relationships. Opportunities. :: Online screenwriting classes, worth it? :: Sounds in screenplay: the rules of … Read more

Agents: Some Fine Print

A few people responded with valid comments to our last article on agents. Rather than a lengthy response in the comments, here are some thoughts on the agent’s commission percentage and hiring an entertainment attorney instead of having an agent. 1) 10% commission from agents rather than 15% 10% agent commission seems to be closer to … Read more

Reviewed: Save the Cat!

Jack Brislee reviews “Save the Cat!  The Last Book on Screenwriting That You’ll Ever Need” by Blake Snyder. Michael Wiese Productions.  Studio City.  California.  2005. 195 pages.  ISBN 1-932907-00-9  Amazon Price:  US $13.57 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Blake Snyder began his Hollywood career at the tender age of eight, working as a voice over artist for his … Read more

What’s the soundtrack to your writing?

For many, music stimulates the Muse. Do you have music in the background (or foreground) while writing?  Or are you hell-bent on dead silence? And if music is your Muse, what is your specific soundtrack? Tell us in the poll and the comments! ____________________________________________ [poll id=”4″] Thank you for voting. If you have a Twitter … Read more

Flashbacks are Your Friend.

So, the question – what is the point and purpose of a flashback? A flashback is usually a revelation of character, is it not? It shows us something in the past that helps to explain a character’s current state. We see the character, we see a flashback, and then we feel differently about that character. … Read more