Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (4/5)

There’s this notion among screenwriters that if a plot point doesn’t work, you can brush over it, I’ve done it a bunch of times, why? Because we see plot points in great films that just don’t work and we forgive them. By Samuel Bartlett The Law of Causation So why not forgive my little lack … Read more

The Judges – Circalit Loglines (12)

The Judges

In this section we are publishing the loglines from the participants of the Circalit / Story Department “First Draft Script Contest”. Our judges have reviewed the loglines and give you their considered feedback. It may help you craft a powerful logline. by The Judges On the Run “This is the story of a beautiful halfbreed … Read more

Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (3/5)

Two years back a friend said to me, why don’t you enter some of your scripts into scripts comps. Phooey, I thought, (yes I thought Phooey – great word huh, so under used.) -By Samuel Bartlett PART THREE – THE TRUTH ABOUT COMPS I conjured images of those competitions you find in supermarkets where all … Read more

Best o/t Web 25 Mar

Story & Structure :: Plot points of Big Fish :: Script: The Big Lebowski :: Never Mind The Hunger Games – is The Host the New Twilight? :: Does The Movie Ever Do The Book Justice? Script Perfection :: Screenwriting Tips: “Consider the Reader’s Emotional State and Frame of Mind.” :: The Strange Art of … Read more