Best of the Web 30 Sep

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Logline it! – Week 11

Writing loglines is an essential skill for screenwriters, from early development through to the pitch. In this section, every week our panel reviews a few loglines posted to Learn from the feedback and perfect your own loglining skills. by The Judges Around the Block [box] “Set around the riots in Redfern during 2004 AROUND THE … Read more

The Heart of Storytelling

My grandmother’s sister, an elderly spinster, died last year while I was overseas. The news sent minor waves through me; I was more upset by the fact that I wasn’t really upset at all and I should have been… by Cherie Lee She was an ever present member of the extended family: reliably documenting every … Read more

Best of the Web 23 Sep

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Movie Moment: JCVD deserved not a black belt, but an Oscar

Take a fallen action movie star, plant him in a foreign language arthouse movie and tell his story. You might end up with indigestible pretention… or gold. by Karel Segers Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself, a dead end, down-and-out Hollywood star who returns to retire in his home country. But when he wants to withdraw … Read more