The Heart of Storytelling

My grandmother’s sister, an elderly spinster, died last year while I was overseas. The news sent minor waves through me; I was more upset by the fact that I wasn’t really upset at all and I should have been… by Cherie Lee She was an ever present member of the extended family: reliably documenting every … Read more

Go With The Flow

My sister recently became a mother. As fascinating as it was watching her wrestling with her new role as provider to this tiny human being, it was even more fascinating watching her wrestle over the insatiable pull back into her journalism career. by Cherie Lee But career and motherhood have completely different values: one is … Read more

Look And Look And Look

I was sketching an artist friend of mine. I glanced at her a few times and drew her; or what I thought was her. She took one look at the picture and said, ‘it’s very nice, but you’re not drawing with your eyes, you’re drawing with your mind.’ By Cherie Lee She went on to … Read more