The Golden Boy of the Black List

Last month THE MUPPET MAN was voted to the top of the industry’s Most Wanted: The Black List. Screenwriter Chris Weekes talks to Karel Segers about his work, inspiration and what makes an attention-grabbing screenplay. They wouldn’t listen to him in Australia, so Chris Weekes moved to New York, where BITTER AND TWISTED, his debut … Read more

11 Laws of Great Storytelling

Jeffrey Hirschberg says: “While it is impossible to have a foolproof formula, I have learned certain principles dramatically increase the probability of your story achieving a modicum of greatness.” by Jeffrey Hirschberg Throughout my years of screenwriting I have read and analyzed thousands of scripts from writers of all levels, including screenplays from my students … Read more

Introducing Minor Characters

Does the guy appearing only in the second scene of your script for half a page really need a two-page intro? Christina Hamlett shows you how and why you should put your energies into the characters that count. EXT. CHICAGO STREET – NIGHT JOSEPH TAMBERLIN, a homeless man of 47 is asleep between two garbage … Read more

iPhone Reloaded

Three months ago today, we reviewed the hottest iPhone apps for screenwriters and filmmakers. Since then, no less than 25,000 new apps have flooded iTunes.

Cherie Lee once again puts her social life in jeopardy to spend some time with her iPhone.

Let’s look over her shoulder at the newest and coolest apps for you, fresh from the App Store. (If you have experience with any, please leave your comments below)

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Screenwriting for Editing

“The humbling truth is that the film is made in the editing room”. -David Mamet

The screenwriter is the first step in the film making process and the editor, the last. How do you write a script that’ll produce an edit-ready film?

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