10 Audience Principles In Screenwriting

As a writer, you are playing a game with the audience. Therefore, in order to find success in screenwriting, it is necessary to understand how audiences work. And your first audience is your reader. I don’t mean reader in the sense of a particular Hollywood industry professional, though winning over such readers is critical to … Read more

[Video]: THR Producer Roundtable

‘Everything that could go wrong was going wrong, I was sort of dead man walking in Hollywood, like, yeah that guy’s getting fired… and on the other hand, everything about the movie was great… the only decision I ever really made was to say ‘keep going.’ That our only hope of coming out alive was … Read more

Concept In Screenwriting [Do You Understand It?]

The screen industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Not only have independent dramas all but disappeared, many of the cinemas that used to program them have too. It is now more difficult than ever to get a screenplay optioned or sold, if it doesn’t appeal to the main movie-going demographics. Being a great … Read more