[Video]: Script Cops – Ed Wood Gang

Younger viewers will have many questions for The Story Department this week. Who is Ed Wood? What is Plan 9 From Outer Space? How do I talk to girls? Are we on the precipice of nuclear war? What’s this weird growth on the bottom of my foot?

Ed Wood was the legendary writer/director of camp 1950s classics such as Plan 9 From Outer Space, Night of the Ghouls, and Orgy of the Dead, and you’ve almost certainly seen his work homaged – and parodied – a dozen times over.

So next time you’re tempted to write ‘KILLER SPACE TOMATO ATTACKS SHRIEKING WOMAN,’ just think of that mountain of unproduced screenplays in a warehouse on the outskirts of Hollywood.

[vimeo 105095050 w=1500 h=825]

Script Cops: Ed Wood Gang from Jamie Wynen on Vimeo.

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