Best of the Web 31 Mar

Story & Structure :: Missing – Compelling Characters :: Zero Dark Thirty Screenplay Analysis :: Screenplay Review: Olympus Has Fallen :: Plot=Character=Story — The Magick Formula :: Plot – What Happens Next? :: 10 Essential Screenplays Every Aspiring Screenwriter Must Read :: Carter Blanchard-Interview: ‘Glimmer’ :: Ashleigh Powell: ‘Somacell’ :: The Two Types of TV … Read more

Mini Review – Hyde Park on Hudson

Hyde Park on Hudson  Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson  Daisy (Laura Linney) is a distant poor relation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Bill Murray). She’s summoned by FDR’s fearsome mother to his private residence in Hyde Park, upstate New York to provide peaceful company. He starts driving Miss Daisy to isolated rural spots and … Read more

Logline it! – Black List 2012 – Week 8

Writing loglines is an essential skill for screenwriters, from early development through to the pitch. In this section, we review the loglines and short synopses of the screenplays that made it into the Blacklist 2012. Learn from the feedback and perfect your own loglining skills. by The Judges  FLOWER “A coming of age story about … Read more

[Video]: Lena Dunham’s Crystal Ball


Twenty-six year old Lena Dunham has written, directed and produced a number of short films, her own highly successful feature (Tiny Furniture), and is currently the writer and executive producer of the hit TV show Girls. Much like her implausibly breakneck career, her opinions on the current filmmaking and distribution landscape, the role of Hollywood, … Read more