Join the Frenzy!

Tomorrow, the annual Script Frenzy kicks off for thousands of screenwriters around the world who will jointly contribute millions of pages to the screenplay universe. Are you participating? And which genre will you be writing in? Tell us in the poll below and the comments at the bottom of the page. ____________________________________________ [poll id=”7″] Thank … Read more

7 Lessons from Mamet

You’ve probably seen the memo to the writing staff of the now defunct show, The Unit, by David Mamet. I’ve had a closer look at the memo and broken it down into seven main statements.  Mamet’s take on drama in a nuthell or… Aristotle for TV. 1. INFORMATION IS NOT DRAMA TO THE WRITERS OF THE … Read more

Secondary Headings

What kind of photos does one use for an article about Secondary Headings? How about some imaginative (photoshop’d) locations thanks to Worth1000? Because if locations like these were in your scripts, you’ll probably need to use some Secondary Headings to get around. I’ve said so many different things about Secondary Headings in so many different … Read more

Best o/t Web 28 Mar

:: David Mamet’s memo to writers of The Unit. :: Interview with A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Eric Heisserer. :: Put lumps in those throats! Getting your viewers emotionally involved. :: Protocol: how to dump your agent. :: Missing: villain. Writing a story without an antagonist. :: Fight Club’s Jim Uhls on writer’s block. :: A sensitive formula: blending physical and emotional … Read more

Dang! It’s Purple?!?

I woke up this morning and the site had a purple look and feel to it! It’s not an early April Fool’s joke, just proof that the transition from Melbourne (AU) to Culver City (CA) was successful. We’re now looking at the new Story Department servers with Media Temple in the heart of Screenland. If … Read more