Best o/t Web 29 Nov 09

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Strip the Script

How do you avoid having a rubbish script?

Learn how to identify what’s necessary and what’s not and throw out the junk.

What’s the junk?

Read on to find out from top L.A. teacher Jeff Kitchen.

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A Story within a (Toy) Story

In great movies, structural principles apply to more than one level: story, act, sequence etc.

Once you understand how drama functions, you can apply it to EVERY level of the story.

Earlier we have looked at how the Mentor Sequence in The Untouchables was conceived as a mini 3-act story.

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Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret

What is Hollywood’s Best Kept Screenwriting Secret?

Answer: The Expanded Scene Breakdown.

What is the Expanded Scene Breakdown?

Read on to find out!

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