Alien: Sex in deep space

With a prequel to the 1979 hit flick Alien directed by Ridley Scott in the works, Bryn Tilly re-opens the case on the original film and dissects what is brooding under its surface… “The people who made the first Alien were artists, Ridley Scott, Giger, the writers – they invented everything. The rest of us … Read more

Is It Worth It? [Will This Sell?]

Like pretty much every consultant, every now and then I’m asked: “Is this worth it?”. On the surface, the question means: “Do you think this script will sell?” It’s a simple question, which I can honestly answer in most cases. But I don’t, because what really matters is the question’s subtext, which goes something like … Read more

Structure: The Untouchables

David Mamet has never equaled the tremendous power of his eighties screenplays. The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Verdict, The Untouchables and even his own directorial debut House of Games, starring his then wife Lindsay Crouse.

The Untouchables has always been my favorite. De Palma turned the script into the most cinematic of Mamet’s writing.

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Screenwriting Best of the Web 01/11/09


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