Is It Done? 7 Signs You’re Ready To Sell Your Script

There’s no greater insecurity than the doubts that keep you from selling your creative work. Is it good? Is it great? Or is it useless? Should I show it to anyone? To whom? Is it ready to sell? I have found that as someone’s experience grows, often so does their insecurity about the state of their scripts. Many newbies are overeager to … Read more

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[Video]: On Breaking In


A selection of TV writers from British series such as Dr Who, Peep Show, Black Books, and The IT Crowd tell the stories about how they got started, how they write, and what they hate and love about writing. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know … Read more

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:: The secret to humor: make immoral behavior seem harmless.
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:: A script is like a patient. Don’t discharge before it’s in perfect health.

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:: Wait, do I have to write for 3D now?
:: Don’t make a feature version of your short.
:: How do I cut down my script without breaking my heart?
:: The scripts for Nightmare on Elm Street, Kick-Ass etc.

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