Best o/t Web 2 May 10

:: Don’t let your script’s Sunk Costs mislead you.
:: The pulp science fiction renaissance has begun.
:: First thought: Best or worst?
:: The struggling indie scene: the rebuild.
:: Discouraged? The spec script market is not dead!
:: Fight for your right to rewrite, and get paid.
:: The WWYD question: why are you writing this?
:: A babbling pitch makes for a babbling script.
:: Wait, do I have to write for 3D now?
:: Don’t make a feature version of your short.
:: How do I cut down my script without breaking my heart?
:: The scripts for Nightmare on Elm Street, Kick-Ass etc.


COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Writing your Next Draft
  • The Use(lessness) of Point of View
  • Michael Hauge on ‘Desire’
  • Free ticket to the Michael Hauge/Steve Kaplan event in Melbourne (June ’10)

With thanks to Sol.



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