Best o/t Web 2 May 10

:: Don’t let your script’s Sunk Costs mislead you.
:: The pulp science fiction renaissance has begun.
:: First thought: Best or worst?
:: The struggling indie scene: the rebuild.
:: Discouraged? The spec script market is not dead!
:: Fight for your right to rewrite, and get paid.
:: The WWYD question: why are you writing this?
:: A babbling pitch makes for a babbling script.
:: Wait, do I have to write for 3D now?
:: Don’t make a feature version of your short.
:: How do I cut down my script without breaking my heart?
:: The scripts for Nightmare on Elm Street, Kick-Ass etc.

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Best o/t Web 21 Feb 10

:: Independent film, the new horizons. :: Why companies toss your spec script. :: Using dialect in your script, and how to go about it. :: “Descent”, what makes it genuinely scary. :: Three-act-structure, a review. :: How do you know if your screenplay is original? :: Characters in your script, when to name names. … Read more

We never have to make it!

The biggest movie out of Australia since AUSTRALIA is a simple tale of pen-friendship that can’t be seen in IMAX nor 3D. MARY & MAX comes in… Clayography. The feature length follow-up to the 2004 Academy Award Best Animated Short Film winner HARVEY KRUMPET, MARY & MAX opened Sundance earlier this year. M. Rodriguez spoke … Read more

Structure: Juno

At the time of release, much of the attention surrounding JUNO went to the screenwriter rather than the script. Now the dust around Diablo Cody has settled, some voices have questioned the quality of the script. by Karel Segers I still believe it is a wonderful independent film, well-structured and beautifully written. Usually I am … Read more