[Video]: On Breaking In


A selection of TV writers from British series such as Dr Who, Peep Show, Black Books, and The IT Crowd tell the stories about how they got started, how they write, and what they hate and love about writing. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know … Read more

Green At Pitching? Learn The Bones!

I am riding shotgun in a car as I write this. My laptop is brighter than the headlights, leading the way through the night. Hollywood bound. The annual, long trek from Canada to Los Angeles has begun… by Signe Olynyk Like many writers, pitching is something that hasn’t always come easy to me. As someone … Read more

Best of the Web 28 Oct

Story & Structure :: Monologues and ‘Good Will Hunting’ :: Jesse Pinkman: A Lesson in Likeability :: How Actual Science Can Make Science Fiction Stories Cooler :: Screenwriting Advice From The Past :: How to Create a Great Villain Script Perfection :: Creative Writing – John Milius :: How to Manage Time Flying :: Binge … Read more

Notes on ‘Hail’

“A Tour-de-force,” “Fiercely realised,” “Pure cinematic power,” “Remarkable, Visionary,” “Re-imagines cinematic boundaries,” – and these are quotes from people you care about – the Sundance institute, Hugo Weaving, The Age – couple these quotes with the power-house that is the trailer to this cinematic gem and you’ll understand why I was excited to see this … Read more