Pitch script. Do deal. Bank cheque.

You’ve written and rewritten, gotten notes, rewritten again, crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and now what? What happens next? by Jenny Frankfurt If you are a writer with an agent or manager the script goes to them and they figure out where to send it and whom they think will respond. They know who … Read more

Best of the Web 7 Oct

Story & Structure :: Conflict and ‘The Social Network’ :: Major Characters + Moral Problems :: Meet the Reader: How I Do What I Do :: Screenplay Review: Shangri-La Suite :: Screenplay Review: 2 Script Perfection :: Podcast: Creative Destiny Coach/Screenwriter Jenna Avery :: Rewriting Your Script – A Checklist :: 3 Keys to Succeeding … Read more

Mini Review – Mental

Mental Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson The pig-headed mayor of a small coastal town, Porpoise Spit Dolphin Heads, has a downtrodden wife (Rebecca Gibney in a fat suit) who’s off with the fairies, plus five inconvenient daughters. So when the missus is obliged to undergo some residential therapy, he offers a total stranger, Shaz … Read more

Logline it! – Week 12

Writing loglines is an essential skill for screenwriters, from early development through to the pitch. In this section, every week our panel reviews a few loglines posted to www.logline.it. Learn from the feedback and perfect your own loglining skills. by The Judges Blinder “An ex footballer embroiled in a scandal returns home to clear his name … Read more