Best of the Web 7 Oct

Story & Structure

:: Conflict and ‘The Social Network’
:: Major Characters + Moral Problems
:: Meet the Reader: How I Do What I Do
:: Screenplay Review: Shangri-La Suite
:: Screenplay Review: 2

Script Perfection

:: Podcast: Creative Destiny Coach/Screenwriter Jenna Avery
:: Rewriting Your Script – A Checklist
:: 3 Keys to Succeeding as a Writer
:: Screenwriting Website of the Week: Simply Scripts
:: Interview: Kim Krizan on Writing, Creativity and Channeling Your Inner Femme Fatale
:: Researching Your Scripts

Pitching & Selling

:: Offer Up Your Pitching Advice
:: 5 Questions with LaToya Morgan
:: The Scoggins Report: September 2012 Spec Market Roundup
:: The Art of the Hollywood Pitch
:: Happily Ever After… or Not?

Best of the Rest

:: Rum, Guns and Cigars Part 3
:: The Power of Story Presentation
:: What do Hollywood’s Tope Dogs Have in Production?
:: 5 Hollywood VO Artist in One Car
:: Community Service for Screenwriters

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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