William Friedkin And The Faces Of The 70’s

William Friedkin is a big part of what I love about the 70’s. It was the decade when I became a teenager. It was also the greatest movie decade, ever. It gave us an unrivalled diversity in movies and genres, from CHINATOWN to JAWS, from STAR WARS to THE EXORCIST. Friedkin came out as one … Read more

Beau Willimon, Writer Out Of Necessity

Beau Willimon is a powder keg of clean-cut realism, childlike curiosity and sharp wit. During his Bafta speech, Willimon covers political writing, research in everyday life and the importance of finding your characters’ inmost needs. “I don’t think writing is a choice. It’s not a career. It’s something that’s born of necessity. If I didn’t write, … Read more