Best o/t Web 26 Sep

:: Don’t forget your mentor.
:: Where Alex gets his movies.
:: Modern noir in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
:: How Chewbacca came to be.
:: What makes for great science fiction.
:: How important are your character names?
:: A useful tool for character development.
:: If someone beats you at your own game, think outside the rules.
:: The focus: the protagonist metamorphosis arc.
:: The best foreign-language sci-fi flicks.

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Writing With A Purpose (1)

A notable Australian filmmaker once commented to me that any aspiring director needs to be able to generate their own material. More specifically, they should write their own scripts for at least the first five years or more of their career. Calling-cards, Webisodes and the Problem with Short-Films It’s not difficult to see such an … Read more

Writing Drama (17)

Yves Lavandier’s book Writing Drama currently rates as the absolute favorite of our book reviewer Jack Brislee. To give you the opportunity to delve into Lavandier’s amazing knowledge and insight, we will be publishing a weekly excerpt from the book. Excess is undoubtedly one of the secrets of the success of American cinema— the other secrets, in … Read more

Joss Whedon (Audio)

A few weeks ago we ran a video announcing Joss Whedon’s talk at the Sydney Opera House.

It became a very special event with numerous precious moments for all present, both for fans and professionals.

This week’s clip is audio only but I believe it is well worth listening to, particularly for those interested in the work of Joss Whedon.

One of the professionals in the theatre in Sydney that Sunday afternoon was Mike Jones, who generously shares this audio clip with us. (BTW: Check this Friday’s guest contribution from Mike if you’re into short film)

In the clip Whedon explains to the audience how only recently he asked himself where his stories and characters come from. He calls it ‘the dark place’.

With thanks to Louise Lee Mei.

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