Writing With A Purpose (2)

In the long-form drama world of episodic and serialized television it is not the writer-director moniker that holds sway as top dog. It is the Showrunner – a curious title that embodies a diverse array of responsibilities. LA Times columnist Scott Collins writes about Showrunners as; “Hyphenates,” a curious hybrid of starry-eyed artists and tough-as-nails … Read more

Writing With A Purpose (1)

A notable Australian filmmaker once commented to me that any aspiring director needs to be able to generate their own material. More specifically, they should write their own scripts for at least the first five years or more of their career. Calling-cards, Webisodes and the Problem with Short-Films It’s not difficult to see such an … Read more

How, Not If

I play games like I once used to read novels. There exists a pile and as I finish each game (taking a number of weeks and occasionally months each) I move immediately onto the next, working my way through the continually replenishing stack. FINISH? It seems significant that I would use the word ‘Finish’ in … Read more