Best o/t Web 29 Jan

Every week I make an attempt to plough through 1,000+ headlines of blogs and entertainment web sites. What I think could be interesting or useful to you, I tweet to @ozzywood. Out of those, @Miss_Little_Jay selects the best for you here, every Sunday. Story & Structure :: Screenplay review: The Grey :: Movie Review: The … Read more

Mini-Review – The Artist

The Artist Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson   George Valentin (think Gary Cooper+Rudolph Valentino+pencil moustache) is a megastar of silent films when he meets wannabe starlet Peppy Miller on the set of his latest action caper. There’s a spark between them but George is already married, albeit to a woman who’s as cheery as … Read more

Video: The Battle of Long Tan


It’s Australia Day and I have been working on my favorite project for the moment: the feature screenplay for LONG TAN, the feature based on the eponymous Vietnam battle from 1966. For the occasion I wanted to share something special with you. This week Sam Worthington mentioned our project in an interview to the press … Read more

Structure: Boy

Kiwis get film. Even apart from PJ’s blockbuster machine at Weta, they’ve had a good decade, with Whale Rider, The World’s Fastest Indian and more recently, Boy, a film by Taika Waikiki, inspired by his short Two Cars, One Night. by Dave Trendall (structure breakdown) and Karel Segers (notes). Boy is a funny and moving … Read more