[Video]: Inside Pixar

‘What if we could somehow take these feelings – fear, sadness, disgust, joy… and make them into characters? If we do this right, it could be like our version of the Seven Dwarves… Each of them has a very distinct, definite, and very caricatured way of approaching the world…‘ Pixar’s Pete Docter discusses Pixar and … Read more

Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso: The Truth About A Conflicted Hero

Film buffs may claim the greatest Japanese director who ever lived was Kurosawa. In my books the greatest – and at the time of writing, still living – Japanese filmmaker is surely Hayao Miyazaki. My absolute favourite from his oeuvre, is PORCO ROSSO. Miyazaki created the animation masterpieces MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO, SPIRITED AWAY, GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES and … Read more

Best of the Web 8 Dec

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