Structure: How to train your dragon

With symbolic depth and masterful imagery, the craftsmanship of How to train your dragon exceeds that of many Academy Award-winners. Do not take the fact that it’s animated as a sign that it’s not worth your while. But isn’t it just a kid’s movie? No. It’s an elaborate tale about finding the courage to question … Read more

Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso: The Truth About A Conflicted Hero

Film buffs may claim the greatest Japanese director who ever lived was Kurosawa. In my books the greatest – and at the time of writing, still living – Japanese filmmaker is surely Hayao Miyazaki. My absolute favourite from his oeuvre, is PORCO ROSSO. Miyazaki created the animation masterpieces MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO, SPIRITED AWAY, GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES and … Read more

[Video]: Characterisation in Wreck-It Ralph


How do you achieve characterisation in feature animation? Writer-director Rich Moore talks about how they developed Alan Tudyk’s villain character King Candy. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know of a great video on Screenwriting, let us know in the comments. Thanks!

Chick Flick

The third film in our series of short animations nominated for an Inside Film award is ‘Chicken of God’, directed and written by the animated Frank Woodley; Aussie comedian extraordinaire. Frank tells us about writing, directing and chickens. How does someone who’s known for their physical comedy go about creating comedy in animation? I’ve always … Read more

Animation Imagination

Our short film season reached an unexpected climax with the nomination of ‘Tin Can Heart’ for an Inside Film Award Best Animation alongside The Cat Piano and Chicken of God. Writer/director Rod March talks about writing for animation. What was the starting point for ‘Tin Can Heart’? I saw an image of a lonely android … Read more