Whiplash – Winner Or Loser?

Whiplash is one of the lowest grossing movies ever to be nominated for Best Picture. Totally unfair, if you ask me. It is a brilliant picture. It beats many winners over recent years. But hey, that’s my taste. Perhaps I relate to the film because I once knew my own Fletcher. By today’s standards, my piano teacher’s military … Read more

Creative Fatigue? [Don’t Worry. It’s Not About You]

Some of you are in a funk right now. Creative fatigue. (I know, because I can tell. Or because you told me.) It happens to everyone; not just to screenwriters, trust me. It is also possible to get out of it. Pain In The Arts I am in a business group, who has a conference call every … Read more

Screenwriting Basics [Story’s Holy Trinity]

screenwriting basics

Many teachers and writers have tried to capture the screenwriting basics. Unhappy with most of them, I boiled them down to a simplicity I have not seen anywhere else. This is mostly analytical. So there’s no guarantee that you will deliver a successful story. Then again, no system does. No matter what the teachers promise you. What this approach to … Read more