5 Reasons Why Loglines Are Incredibly Important


Loglines can predict failures. This week, I watched a movie where the writer had not adopted critical notes. The film failed. I’m not saying that it would have succeeded if he had heeded the advice. If only things were that simple. The draft I read could be summarised in a one sentence logline. Based on that logline, … Read more

Screenwriting Basics [Story’s Holy Trinity]

screenwriting basics

Many teachers and writers have tried to capture the screenwriting basics. Unhappy with most of them, I boiled them down to a simplicity I have not seen anywhere else. This is mostly analytical. So there’s no guarantee that you will deliver a successful story. Then again, no system does. No matter what the teachers promise you. What this approach to … Read more

What Screenwriters Are Being Judged On

As a screenwriter, you’re being judged in three different categories. by Steve Kaire The first is your material. When you’re in a pitch session, it’s your ideas and stories which are going to make an impression on the listener. Ask yourself these questions: Is your story unique? Are you approaching it from a different angle … Read more