OZ Filmers: “If they only loved us.”

Why don’t the majority of Australian films attract Australian audiences? Metro Screen in Sydney threw down the gauntlet before a panel of industry players, while Dominic Case picked through the shifting and diverse opinions. “We are a lying, hypocritical, duplicitous group”, says Tony Ginnane, giving the audience the results of his mature reflection on an … Read more

Chick Flick

The third film in our series of short animations nominated for an Inside Film award is ‘Chicken of God’, directed and written by the animated Frank Woodley; Aussie comedian extraordinaire. Frank tells us about writing, directing and chickens. How does someone who’s known for their physical comedy go about creating comedy in animation? I’ve always … Read more

OZ Film Vs. OZ Audience

Today some high profile industry people will be debating why Australian films are unpopular with the audience. I have blogged about this before but I believe these are the six key factors that have brought our industry to its knees: Australian films have been financed almost exclusively by government agencies, whose primary concerns have never … Read more