Final Draft 10 Reviewed

How do you go about writing a screenplay? There are a few of us who sit down at the computer, like some modern day Dalton Trumbo at his trusty Remington, type FADE IN: and keep going until the cigarette packet is empty. If you are one of this talented few, script formatting applications like Celtx, … Read more

Best of the Web 12 Jan

Story & Structure :: WTF With All These Screenwriting “Rules”? :: Movie Review – Paranormal Activity: 4 :: Amateur Friday – In The Flesh :: Screenplay Review – Holland, Michigan :: Screenplay Review – The Monuments Men Script Perfection :: Dangerous Game. :: Final Draft 9 Upgrade :: 6 Box-Office Takeaways From a Record Year … Read more

Scrivener: The Sexy vs. The Practical

Word processors are designed for writing. We’ve all used Word and similar designer babies but it’s not often we really push the limits of our software. But then, is there any need to push those limits if the program can do what you want it to? by Dave Trendall Does sexy equal practical? The number … Read more

FD8 – Need it or just want it?

I have used the new release of Final Draft on and off for a couple of months now and I am reasonably satisfied  with it. I have installed version 8.0.0.,  the latest available version at the time of writing. Because I work with clients who use a variety of software, I often find myself converting … Read more