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‘Tis the season to welcome miracles.

The halls have been decked with the proverbial holly. Lists have been checked, twice. Red suits pressed. Reindeers shoed. Huge-never-to-be-repeated-all-stock-must-go-(no-really)-sales are in full festive swing. Resistance is futile. The silly season is upon us once more. Some people rue this time of year because they’re single or their family’s nuts – or both. For me, … Read more

Video: Pulp Fiction Inspiration [QT]

This video is just as informative and entertaining without the sound as with. Try for yourself.
I am certain that Tarantino must have had a career as a pantomime artist before becoming the world’s most dialogue-obsessed director.

It’s interesting how Tarantino in the 100 seconds of this clip doesn’t mention co-writer Roger Avary. Maybe it was cut. Or maybe not…

With thanks to Louise Lee Mei and Niels Abercrombie.

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