‘Tis the season to welcome miracles.

The halls have been decked with the proverbial holly. Lists have been checked, twice. Red suits pressed. Reindeers shoed. Huge-never-to-be-repeated-all-stock-must-go-(no-really)-sales are in full festive swing. Resistance is futile. The silly season is upon us once more. Some people rue this time of year because they’re single or their family’s nuts – or both. For me, … Read more

The Dirty Draft

As I write this I’m knee-deep in dirty words. No, not the four-letter variety, although I may mouth off a few if I don’t meet my self-imposed deadline this weekend and finish a first draft of a script. And therein lies the rub. If I write dirty I can meet even the most supernaturally tight … Read more

Writer, writer pants on fire!

Somebody once told me, if you’re good at gossip, you’re a good storyteller. But what about if you’re skilled at telling sweet little lies (with respect, F. Mac)? Do untruths make you an even greater tale spinner? ‘Cause, let’s face it, stories are just wild embellishments of facts, right? No! Stop! Rid your writer’s mind … Read more

Writings of a Reader

Ever wondered what goes on inside the minds of the fragrant few who get hired to read our screenplays? Those who rip through our darlings, scribble down notes and then disseminate our precious stories to their even sweeter-smelling bosses? After receiving yet another ‘Thank you so much for your screenplay, we can see why you’re so … Read more