The Flashback: No Time Like The Present

The flashback – like its ugly¬†brother the Voiceover – has caused some¬†heated debate. If used well, it can be a great way of getting exposition across or spicing up your script. If used badly, flashbacks suck. Worst case scenario, they can seriously dullify your story. by Karel Segers I’m not going to talk about all-out … Read more

Video: Pulp Fiction Inspiration [QT]

This video is just as informative and entertaining without the sound as with. Try for yourself.
I am certain that Tarantino must have had a career as a pantomime artist before becoming the world’s most dialogue-obsessed director.

It’s interesting how Tarantino in the 100 seconds of this clip doesn’t mention co-writer Roger Avary. Maybe it was cut. Or maybe not…

With thanks to Louise Lee Mei and Niels Abercrombie.

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