The Flashback: No Time Like The Present

The flashback – like its ugly¬†brother the Voiceover – has caused some¬†heated debate. If used well, it can be a great way of getting exposition across or spicing up your script. If used badly, flashbacks suck. Worst case scenario, they can seriously dullify your story. by Karel Segers I’m not going to talk about all-out … Read more

Best o/t Web 18 Apr 10

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:: Stop talking, checking, blogging and start writing.
:: David Lynch’s favorite filmmakers in 60 seconds.
:: Organic characters, memorable dialogue.
:: Facing all your bad scripts, once and for all.
:: What they mean by “pre-awareness title.”
:: A quick and easy rom-com idea, they’re everywhere.
:: Theme and character through flashback, the “flashpresent.”
:: Words with Matthew Vaughn of “Kick-Ass.”
:: Archetypal structure 101: The Virgin’s Promise.
:: Know how know now, script clearance and screenwriting business.
:: Jane Goldman of “Kick-Ass” on the 11-year-old girl kicking ass.
:: Keith Calder on the Arc of Awesome.

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