Best o/t Web 18 Apr 10

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:: Check out the “Death at a Funeral” script.
:: Stop talking, checking, blogging and start writing.
:: David Lynch’s favorite filmmakers in 60 seconds.
:: Organic characters, memorable dialogue.
:: Facing all your bad scripts, once and for all.
:: What they mean by “pre-awareness title.”
:: A quick and easy rom-com idea, they’re everywhere.
:: Theme and character through flashback, the “flashpresent.”
:: Words with Matthew Vaughn of “Kick-Ass.”
:: Archetypal structure 101: The Virgin’s Promise.
:: Know how know now, script clearance and screenwriting business.
:: Jane Goldman of “Kick-Ass” on the 11-year-old girl kicking ass.
:: Keith Calder on the Arc of Awesome.


COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Story Breakdown of Gladiator
  • Script Check: Cheating
  • I don’t believe in scripts (2)

With thanks to the ever amazing Sol!



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