[Video]: Inside Pixar

‘What if we could somehow take these feelings – fear, sadness, disgust, joy… and make them into characters? If we do this right, it could be like our version of the Seven Dwarves… Each of them has a very distinct, definite, and very caricatured way of approaching the world…

Pixar’s Pete Docter discusses Pixar and Disney’s latest film, Inside Out – what is a high concept film, and how do you successfully execute it? How do you set an entire film in a twelve-year-old’s mind without making it totally saccharine or dark? What on earth do twelve year olds even think about?

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  1. I don’t see it as being particularly, radically, hard to portray emotions as characters. Nor visualising mind-scapes as settings for these characters to interact within. (Mind you, psychology and high imagination are my storytelling bread and butter. So I’m not truly representative of most.) That said, I think the concept of “Inside Out” is good and an interesting evolution up in storytelling. Kind of plunging into the next, deeper, depths of the human psyche after what “Inception” showed to the world. It’s pleasing to see that at least some studios are willing to delve into deeper themes below the surface of ha-ha ‘kiddie’ icing.


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