Best of the Web 16 Jun

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Story & Structure

:: Opening Scene: Rocky 7
:: The Importance of Prep-Writing
:: Advanced Writing Tools: The Pixar Way
:: Amateur Week Smackdown – In Lieu Of Flowers
:: 30 Days of Screenplays – Day 9: The Matrix
:: 30 Days of Screenplays – Day 11: “Memento”

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting Tip #1220
:: One Habit all Pro Screenwriters Share
:: The 13 Rules for Creating a Prestige TV Drama
:: Ten Stupid Writer Tricks (That Might Actually Work)
:: Transcript of Scriptnotes, Ep. 92
:: Scriptnotes, Ep. 93: Let’s Talk About Nikki Finke
:: It’s Time to Finish the Book!
:: End of Watch – Stray Thoughts
:: Full Uncensored Drama Showrunner Emmy Roundtable

Pitching & Selling

:: How Hit Movies Become Flops

Best of the Rest

:: Rod Serling’s Final Interview
:: Why the World Needs Superman Returns
:: Who Deserves the Best Drama Emmy?
:: Post-Apocalypse Cinema: Abandoned Earths and Disturbing Doppelgangers
:: ‘Man of Steel’ Director Zack Snyder on Making Big Movies

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