Why the Fuss about Script Formatting?

It was the most beautiful chocolate cake I had ever seen. The college professor laid it gently on the table. My salivary glands were already anticipating a most excellent sensory experience. by David Trottier “Would you like a piece?” she asked the class. Sitting on the front row, I was sure my chances were good. … Read more

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Texting in the Movies

I am frequently asked how to format text messages and email messages while maintaining the script’s “readability.” There are several methods depending on your dramatic purpose. All of the examples below are correctly formatted. by David Trottier In the first example, Sharon receives a text message from someone that she (Sharon) wants to show to … Read more

Formatting Mistakes [Get Ready For The #1 Goof]

About 90% of the complaints I hear from agents and producers have to do with formatting mistakes in scene headings, sometimes called slug lines. by David Trottier As a script consultant, I sometimes find myself saying while reading a script, “Where am I?” For example, here’s one of my favorite formatting mistakes: INT. A HECTIC … Read more