Mini-Review – The Artist

The Artist

Mercifully Short Review
by Jonathan Empson


George Valentin (think Gary Cooper+Rudolph Valentino+pencil moustache) is a megastar of silent films when he meets wannabe starlet Peppy Miller on the set of his latest action caper. There’s a spark between them but George is already married, albeit to a woman who’s as cheery as a hooked trout. They go their separate ways: Peppy to stardom with the arrival of the talkies, George to obscurity, poverty and divorce as he fails to adapt.

This is a (99%) silent film, in black and white. It’s well done, but only really of interest to people who’ve never seen silent films – or previous versions of this same plot – before. You can convey a lot of information through setting and body language, but nothing too subtle. That’s why they don’t make silent films anymore – or at least, not since Mel Brooks’ silly but more entertaining Silent Movie (1976).

Australian Release: February 2, 2012

Jonathan Empson’s TV series pilot script Chrome was nominated for an AWGIE in 2010 and is under option by Beyond International.

He is also writing a black comedy-thriller called Get Out of Here for Emerald Productions, and his Renaissance drama-comedy Leonardo’s War is in circulation.

An AFTRS graduate in 2009, he received that year’s FOXTEL Scholarship for Exceptional Talent. He is represented by Rick Raftos Management.

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