Best o/t Web 29 Jan

Every week I make an attempt to plough through 1,000+ headlines of blogs and entertainment web sites. What I think could be interesting or useful to you, I tweet to @ozzywood. Out of those, @Miss_Little_Jay selects the best for you here, every Sunday.

Story & Structure

:: Screenplay review: The Grey
:: Movie Review: The Grey
:: Impressive: The Stanford Prison Experiment
:: How the Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended
:: Advice You Might Not Want To Hear

Script Perfection

:: 10 Writing “Rules” More Science Fiction Authors Should Break
:: Learning to Write Good Loglines From Others’ Mistakes.
:: Is Your Straight Man Too Straight?
:: “Every Screenplay That Doesn’t Sell, is an Opportunity to Figure Out What Went Wrong.”
:: The 10 best last lines – in pictures.

Pitching & Selling

:: Francis Ford Coppola On Risk, Money, Craft
:: ‘Man on a Ledge’ Screenwriter Finds Success
:: Why Haven’t I Hit Yet?

Best of the Rest

:: Screenplay Review: He’s Fucking Perfect
:: Placing Too Much Importance on Passion
:: Dorff Stuck in a Car Trunk in Trailer for ‘Brake’
:: Sundance Festival Falls Short of Expectations

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