Best o/t Web – 22 Jan

Story & Structure :: So what is a Sequence, really? :: Romantic Comedy: Rethinking the Happy Ending :: the “mirror moment” as the key to understanding story arc. :: ‘The Avengers’ Mostly from Steve Rogers’ Perspective. Script Perfection :: You want on-the-nose dialogue? Watch a soap opera. :: ScriptShadow review Good Kids :: In defense of Diablo Cody’s dialogue. Pitching & … Read more

The Story Plan (3)

Outside of the system, there is very little room for any writing career in China. But in the US or even the less Bible thumping worlds of Europe, the big bucks go to the conformists, the purveyors of nothing in-particular, while the more nuanced, the critical, the original or just plain eccentric, rarely find finance. … Read more

Video: Steven Derosa

If you have tried financing a genre film or get development funding for your script in Australia over the past ten years, chances are at some point you were rejected by the gatekeepers on the basis of plausibility. Some people simply don’t understand how film works. If anyone did understand how film works, it was … Read more