The Story Plan (1)

What’s the story? That’s the first thing anyone asks a writer and it is, unquestionably, seen as the province that the screenwriter rules over in the film industry. Except the story you should be working on is perhaps not the obvious one. [divider] by Lawrence Gray Most big budget blockbusters are plagiarized from other big … Read more

Video: Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak is the man behind the story and illustrations of Where The Wild Things Are. The 2009 movie version may not have achieved much but the original book is a timeless classic. Here he speaks about his artistic vision. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you … Read more

Touch of Evil and the Hero problem

I have liked Touch of Evil since before it became fashionable in 1998, at the time of its rerelease. Recently I watched it again with some students and came to an interesting conclusion: it is not a Film Noir. by Karel segers More importantly, for me the film re-opens the discussion about the difference between … Read more