Movie Moment: Suspense In Frenzy

Film buffs love referring to Alfred Hitchcock. Invariably you’ll hear them rave about Psycho, Rear Window or Vertigo . Rarely do I hear anyone praise Hitchcock’s personal favorite A Shadow Of A Doubt, let alone his earlier English films. by Karel Segers BACK TO ENGLAND After all, Hitchcock’s greatest successes were his American movies starring … Read more

Movie Moment: Dramatic Irony in 2001 A Space Oddyssey

2001 A Space Odyssey is a monumental movie, a classic and a tent pole within the oeuvre of Stanley Kubrick. What it is not, is dramatic. It is primarily philosophical and poetic. by Karel Segers FOUR PARTS Kubrick wanted us to find our own interpretation of the film. For me, the first chapter The Dawn … Read more

POV: When to Shift?

Because the first shift of POV in a film may jolt the audience’s experience, it works best where this brief ‘disconnection’ doesn’t hurt the story: after a climax. The start of Act Two is a good place to move to the antagonist’s POV. We have just seen that our protagonist is ready to take on … Read more