Get Out Is An Instant-Classic [Five Reasons – And Spoilers]

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Get Out was initially written to be a Rosemary’s Baby type dark psychological horror, yet some people seem to call it a comedy. How can a film that fits both bills possibly be so successful? Or how does it even work at all? The film shows the descent of a young black male into the underworld of … Read more

Suspense, Surprise And Mystery In The Bourne Identity

It seems that the Gilroys can’t do much wrong in Hollywood. Both Dan and Tony have a riveting and diverse list of credits to their name. They’ve also written enough box office green to keep them going for quite a little while. Tony wrote The Devil’s Advocate, Armageddon, and Michael Clayton, which he also directed. … Read more

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Movie Moment: Suspense In Frenzy

Film buffs love referring to Alfred Hitchcock. Invariably you’ll hear them rave about Psycho, Rear Window or Vertigo . Rarely do I hear anyone praise Hitchcock’s personal favorite A Shadow Of A Doubt, let alone his earlier English films. by Karel Segers BACK TO ENGLAND After all, Hitchcock’s greatest successes were his American movies starring … Read more